Children's Authors

Many, many thanks for an action packed day! The assembly had the children engaged from start to finish and the workshops were a great success. It was fantastic for the children to gain an insight into an author's world and see how a simple (but exciting!) idea can evolve into a story in a few simple steps. We were delighted to see all of the children so excited about creating stories, including those who can be reluctant readers and writers. We also spotted some budding actors too!

Assistant Head Teacher, Forest Fields Primary, Nottingham

Cid and Mo's visit to the school was inspirational! The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and have written their own stories as a result. I would recommend their visit to any school wishing to inspire your children's writing!

Headteacher, Charnock Hall Primary, Sheffield

Children LOVED it! So enthusiastic and really got their creative juices flowing. The children have made their own joke boxes using nets of 3D shapes and put their jokes inside (very cross-curricular!) Children are so enthused we are going to write a playscript based on the talking slug! Thank you :)

Year 4 Teacher, Church Vale Primary, Notts

Your visit in one word was simply 'AMAZING'. It engaged all children, all learners and was accessible for all. For the remaining part of the day the children were enthused to read, were talking about the visit/book and could not wait to collect the book. I would recommend you and this book to all schools. Thank you.

Year 3 Teacher, Concord Junior, Sheffield

It was brilliant to see the way that children could be engaged in writing. The props used really stimulated their imaginations and I'm sure it will result in some stunning work. Thank you.

Year 6 Teacher, Rainbow Forge Primary, Sheffield

I was really impressed - both Cid and Mo were professional, organised, engaging, exciting and inspirational. All of the children were involved and at some points mesmerised. This truly is the way to get children excited about literacy! The activities you provided were brilliant - allowing the children to stretch their creative muscles; even children who don't always enjoy speaking out were chatting! Many Thanks!

Year 5 Teacher, Allenton Primary, Derby

A fun an inspirational day for all. From the assembly at the very start of the day, the children were all engaged and motivated and remained so throughout the workshops. Cid and Mo's enthusiasm and love of reading and writing shone through and was infectious. Thank you.

English Subject Leader, Bankwood Community Primary, Sheffield

Children were engaged and excited. They enjoyed the acting and writing (they didn't realise they were writing!!) They enjoyed the humour. Whole workshop was cross curricular - lots of PHSE. Pace was excellent.

Year 3 Teacher, Church Vale Primary, Notts

The 'Janksters' has inspired and opened up my classes minds - they are actively engaged in writing their own story (even after SATs!!) The Janksters engages all abilities - supports reluctant readers but also allows higher ability to 'flair' and be creative with their ideas. The short boy friendly 'chunks' are appealing to reluctant readers. The assembly was enjoyable, amusing and stimulating. At breaktime the children were 'buzzing' about the 'Janksters'! Even the adults want to know what happens next!!!

Year 6 Teacher, Hady Primary, Chesterfield

Cid and Mo had the kids fully engaged from the off! They clearly have a wealth of experience in holding the attention of groups/classes of children and appealed to their mischievous nature to get one over on their teacher! Thank you.

Year 3 Teacher, St Peter's RC Primary, Leicestershire