Children's Authors

I am a year 5 teacher at a challenging school situated on a 1960s housing estate. Consequently getting some of the children to read independently is, at times, difficult but I have found this book to be a great resource. Initially I thought it would appeal more to the boys than the girls but that has not been the case. I have used it in all areas of the curriculum. It has been useful in PSHE when dealing with bullying problems and respecting people and their possessions. We have used it for role play in Drama and in Art we redesigned the cover and turned the photographs into cartoon characters. It has been used in Literacy to develop the characters along the lines of ‘R.Dahl’s Danny, The Champion of the World’. Each character has been drawn in the same style as in Dahl’s book.

Stan Martin, Year 5 Teacher

The main theme of the magic was good, especially that talking slug. The message is not to be a bully. i wold tell my friends to read it.


I think that the Janksters is EPIC! I'm so glad that I bought it.


Great boys book! It is a page turner. I think boys weill want to know what they get up to next!

Mrs Cowell, Primary School Librarian

We giggled together as we read. Cleverly written, he would love to read more! I think boys of Rory's age would love these books!

Ita and Rory

I loved the book and I could not stop reading it until I finished it. Even when I went shopping with my mum I still wanted to talk about it. It is the best book I have ever read and I hope there are more to come.


I thought the book was really good. It was amusing and it was not too long. I was able to read it without it taking ages.


I enjoyed this bok a lot because it was funny. I also liked the real pictures. The story line was fast moving and the characters were believable.


I really enjoyed the book. I also thought it was funny. I am glad the school bully was punished.