Children's Authors

Our aim is to inspire a love of reading!

As teachers we are often asked by parents how they can help their child when teaching them to read. Below is a list of common answers…we hope it helps!


Read aloud to your children, whatever their age!

Encourage children to read books again, sometimes lots of times.

Reading other stuff is ok – football programme, comics, recipe books – it’s all reading.

Let them see you as a reader – read magazines, newspapers, books.

Join the library – free books! Buy lots of books – second hand shops are great!

Allow them to use their finger to point if they want to.

Let them say a book is boring – and stop reading it!

Choose a good time to read, with no distractions.


Make a child read – it will quickly become a chore and something to be avoided. If a child doesn’t want to read – read to them. This is just as worthwhile. A love of reading is the ultimate aim. Don’t worry – and just keep doing the ‘do’s.